Email Gateway

Getting started with Email Gateway MX

Total email protection!!!

Add Zone Services
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*Here's how it works. Suppose your domain is "" and your MX record is "". You would change one or two MX records as follows: MX Priority: 10 MX Priority: 15
We do not offer custom/own MX records for our services !
We do not support other additional mail backup services !
We do not support IPv6 !
That's all there is to it!

*Includes MX Backup Service

Service MX Backup and MX Gateway - Update MX records from 1 October 2015.

Implementation Details

In order for this to work we have to see our MX Gateway servers in your MX records. DNS propagation often take several hours and because of that this service can't be used immediately upon changing your MX records. You should wait for several hours before testing.

Simple protection for a complex problem!!!

Email threats and phishing attacks don’t stand a chance with transparent email filtering.

Although we try to do it right sometimes things don't work for any number of reason within and not within our control. We're not responsible for anything lost from using our service.